Repairing the Frame so Your Car is Picture Perfect 

Damaged car frames can lead to many car problems, which is why you will need a trusted auto body repairman. Our experts have worked on many car makes and models and are ready to help you with yours.

What is the car frame and uni-body?

The car frame, many thick metal bars that is underneath the car, is the foundation of a car. Traditionally, cars were built with the body on top of the frame. Every part was placed on top in a specific order to safely fortify the car. The uni-body, a combination of aluminum and steel, is a car’s shell and a more modern way to build cars. In a uni-body car, the frame and metal body of the car are made as one unit and distribute the load of the car more evenly. Whether your car is built with a frame or a uni-body, we have the skills to repair both.